Elijah's Run

passing the baton to a new Adventist generation


Elijah’s Run is about Seventh-Day Adventists recognizing our identity as the Elijah movement, owning that identity, and implementing that mission.

Elijah ran from Mt. Carmel to the plain of Jezreel. As a movement, our run began more than a century and a half ago. None of the pioneers still live. If the Adventist movement is to fulfill its role as the Elijah movement– if we are to finish the run, it cannot be done as a sprint, or even as a marathon. It must be as an inter-generational relay

Successful relay teams practice passing the baton more than anything else, because each runner must run his own race, but if the baton is dropped, it may be impossible to finish the race.

Necessarily, then, when it comes to implementing the mission of the Elijah movement, that is, when it comes to finishing Elijah’s Run, the emphasis will necessarily be on passing the baton to the next generation.


To rekindle an awareness of the Adventist church as a prophetic movement.

To help restore a sense of identity.

To suggest means and approaches to help implement our mission, and our vision.

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